Crunch Time

Local teams to fight for season and regional supremacy

Munich - Saving a season. The final derby. Earning a promotion. It's come down to the final two matches.  It's crunch time. 

Here's a quick preview of the biggest matches in Bavaria this weekend and the implications:

FC Bayern München at St. Pauli, Saturday, 15:30 - After losing every chance at hardware this season, FC Bayern Munich are scrambling for the last Champions League spot for the Bundesliga. After last week's win and Hanover's loss, the Reds hold a two point lead and have a +30 goal differential advantage. All Bayern need is a point and a Hanover loss, and they will accomplish the bare minimum for the year. On paper, it should be easy as St. Pauli are in last place and have lost the fight to stay in the top flight.

FC Ingolstadt 04 at TSV 1860 München, Sunday, 13:30 at Allianz Arena
- The Lions are in form at home, creating a lion's den over the past matches. 1860 have outscored their opponents 13-2 and have not lost in four matches. They will need this momentum for the final Bavarian Derby match of the season. Ingolstadt will stay in the second division so this will be an all-out battle for regional bragging rights. There should be tickets available, so if you are in the city, take that quick ride to the arena.

(Editor's Note: Mark Lovell previews the derby match and will be tweeting live from the match)

FSV Frankfurt at FC Augsburg, Sunday, 13:30 at impuls arena
- This could turn out to be a dangerous match for Augsburg and their fans. A year after losing out in the promotion playoff, the pressure will be on Augsburg to clinch promotion at home this week. They hope to not drop points in the final two matches to either fall back into the playoff or miss promotion all together. FCA control their destiny and all they need is a point and they should not expect help from relegation bound VfL Osnabrück who host the team right behind, VFL Bochum. Frankfurt don't have anything to play for, so either they lay down and let Augsburg celebrate, or decide to make it a match. A celebration awaits.

(Editor's Note: Salman Mitha and Tony Mayger will be tweeting live from the match, follow @sal_TMT_sports)

SpVgg Greuther Fürth at Red-White Oberhausen, Sunday, 13:30 - Fürth do need help from Osnabrück against Bochum and Frankfurt at Augsburg. Wins by the two clubs and Fürth jump right back into the promotion mix. They will move up to third and hope to stay close to the automatic promotion berth. If not, a playoff will do. Oberhausen have nothing but pride to play for, as they are headed out of the second league.

1899 Hoffenheim at 1.FC Nürnberg, Saturday, 15:30 - Back to the Bundesliga now as Nuremberg need some help if they will qualify for the Europa League next season. They currently sit 5 points behind 1.FSV Mainz 05, who are at FC Schalke. If Schalke can recover from their mid-week disaster at Old Trafford and upset or draw with Mainz, then a win by "Der Club" will give them a fighting chance the final weekend. A Mainz win no matter what Nuremburg do will clinch Europe.

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