EHC eliminated

Cologne Sharks sweep Munich out

After a brilliant season that surpassed expectations for EHC M√ľnchen, the promoted side ended their run in the DEL playoffs with a 4-3 loss at LANXESS Arena.

The Blues were shocked on Wednesday in their triple overtime loss to the Sharks, and it carried over last night, going down early 2-0 after the 1st period. Jason Jaspers assisted on the first goal by Gregory Claassen and then scored himself in front of 12,962 fans.

Munich's Stephane Julien pulled one goal back early in the 2nd period, but the Sharks were relentless, scoring the next two goals and taking an insurmountable 4-1 lead mid-way in the final period. Jordan Webb's two late goals, including a power play goal, gave false hope and Munich were eliminated.

"We are going off the ice as a defeated but proud team," said EHC sport director Christian Winkler. "As they have the entire season, the team gave it all and they should hold their heads high."

Last year, Munich earned the promotion into the DEL and proved all season they can play at the top level, even topping the table at one time this season.EHC finished the season with 26 total wins (including overtime and penalty shootouts) and earned a spot in the playoffs.  However, losses in their final two matches cost them the all important bye into the quarterfinals that led them to their fate.

Despite the loss, Mr. Winkler mentioned his appreciation to the people that made it a successful season."I have to thanks to both the team and our fans. Their support over the last months was outstanding."

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