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Don´t let me forget you, cocoa!

Flavanols present in natural cocoa helps memory on aged adults

It is probably a safe assumption to make that most of us are not immune to the temptations of cocoa. New study published by researchers in New York led by
Dr. Scott A Small, has shown that an increased consumption of cocoa improves cognition and prevents memory decline in older adults. The scientists attribute flavanols - a key compound found in cocoa (amongst tea, fruits and vegetables) as the major benefactor.

As people age, they experience a decline in their cognitive abilities and memory capacities. In older adults especially, it is common to find it difficult to recollect names or where they placed their keys amongst others. Loss of memory due to aging is a natural process. How is it different from...

New Disease Points to Arab Bats

Egyptian tomb bat (Taphozous perforatus)
A new mysterious disease made its first appearance last summer in the Arabian Peninsula and has been baffling health experts since. Until now, there...

Arabian Bats May Harbour New Deadly Virus

A new mysterious disease made its first appearance last summer in the Arabian Peninsula and has been baffling health experts since. Until now, there...

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine causes cancer

Credit: beggs/everystockphoto
Two new studies show that a natural compound found in many Chinese herbal medicines triggers genetic mutations that may cause cancer.


Nerve growth triggers prostate cancer

Tissue sample of a prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma, a common type of prostate cancer (credit: wikipedia commons)
New research suggests that the formation of new nerve fibers in and around prostate tumors increases cancer growth and spreading. With more than...

New genetic test predicts asthma risk

DNA fingerprint (Credit: flaivoloka/stock.xchng)
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that affects over four million people in Germany. During an asthma attack, typically triggered...

New MS treatment successful in early clinical trials

Credit: Morguefile
A new treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) had a successful first phase of clinical trials, shows a study published in the journal Science...

Nuts and Guts For A Long And Healthy Live

Three recent studies look at gut microbiota, the Mediterranean diet and nuts and their effects on health and lifespan Put your gut microbes on a diet...

LMU Munich Creates World's First MERS Vaccine

In the event of a MERS epidemic, the vaccine is ready for production and distribution
LMU researchers, led by Dr. Gerd Sutter, have developed the first vaccine against the MERS virus, responsible for the recent outbreak in the Middle...

Antioxidants don't improve fertility, study shows

Credit: furryscaly/everystockphoto
Researchers from the University of Western Australia and the University of Auckland, New Zealand, have shown that there is currently no evidence that...

Economic incentives increase blood donations

Blood transfusion is critical to save lives, but often the availability of safe blood at the time when is needed is scarce. Recent research suggests...

MERS patient dies in Munich hospital

Klinikum Schwabing hospital (Credit: wikipedia commons)
On March 26, a patient in a Munich hospital was the first person in Germany to die of a new SARS-like viral infection called MERS-CoV, for Middle East...

Migraines linked to sleep disorders

Credit: morguefile
New research from the University of California San Francisco, US, has identified a gene alteration linked to both migraines and a sleep...

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