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Here comes the sun, little darling!

Sun exposing is better for our health

Ever heard of the "sick building syndrome"? Yes, you heard it right! What happens in this syndrome is that the building occupants experience increasing discomfort depending on how long they spend inside the building. Sick building syndrome (SHO), a term coined by the World Health Organization, was on the rise in 1970s. This led to not only growing media attention but it also captured the fancy of scientists. The current paper led by Dr. Boubekri from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the first studies, to examine a relationship between impact of daylight at the workplace (or the lack thereof) on an office worker's sleep and...

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Antoine van Veldhuizen and his family were on flight MH17
Expat fair founder on MH17
Expatica's Antoine van Veldhuizen was sadly on flight MH17 to Malaysia, with his wife and two sons,...

Karneval Universe - Your One Stop Karneval Shop
Karneval Universe - Your One Stop Karneval Shop
For many Münchners, the Fasching season comes just once a year, starting in November and culminating...

Africa ready to play the Biotechnology gam
Is Africa fit to play the Biotechnology game?
A casual move around villages in Southern Tanzania, can enable one to see the misery of farmers...

Chart source:
Which countries soccer fans have more presence in 2014 World Cup?
FIFA received approximately 11 million ticket requests in the run up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil...

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Laureen Bacall (1924-2014)
Lauren Bacall: Her beauty will never die
Lauren Baccall died at 89, after suffering a massive stroke on August 12, at her home in Manhattan,...

Finally, the chance to meet singles in Munich
Dating in Munich
They say that Munich is the singles capital of Germany, yet the experience of most is that it is...

Bonobo lights up Tollwood's Musik Arena, photo Andreas Gerrit Müller
Bonobo and the music
Just before the Bonobo concert I was asked the question "how is it going to be... his music is so...

Singer Skye Edwards visiting from another world, photo Simon Bayne
Morcheeba in Munich - a swan-like star with a velvet voice
"Do you like my outfit?" Cheering agreement! "What about these shoes? - Ridiculous, aren't they?"...

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Statista chart shows the results of the poll conducted by Pew Research Center
Ukrainian majority want a single state
According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and published by Statista, the Statistics...

GOP has a reputation to maintain
Republican Shenanigans, it's Democracy Stupid!
Carl von Clausewitz, a German soldier, once said, "War is politics by other means." But many in the...

Germany first in Syria refugees resettlement
Germany leads the way in Syrian refugee resettlement
In the free world there exists a tradition on welcoming refugees from war, revolutions or civil...

No end in sight to Syrian conflict
As Syrian conflict continues, neighbors become increasingly involved
As the Syrian conflict continues to rage, international tension in the region is reaching yet...

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eEurozone exits recession following an unprecedented 18 months of economic contraction
Eurozone emerges from recession
The eurozone has finally emerged from recession following an unprecedented 18 months of economic...

Amazon Kindle--- days numbered?
Amazon and the eBook story
Recent kindle releases have shown Amazon's eagerness to battle it out with Apple and Samsung on the...

Entertainment as business - it works
Call for change in German TV
When stand-up comedians Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld came up with the idea for a show about...

Aerospace & arms merger of BAE and EADS in doubt
German government stalls plans for aerospace & arms merger of BAE and EADS
As British BAE and German/French aerospace and arms firms rush their plan to merge by October 10th,...

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New discovery shows a critical role of mother´s presence and grooming in infant brain development
Nature versus nurture: What matters in infant brain development?
Washington Irving wisely remarked, "A mother's love endures through all". True to this adage, new...

New research
Wired for imagination

Have you wondered what makes Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Ludwig van Beethoven so different from...

Learning is better if we sleep more hours.
Sleep more to learn more
Someone once remarked -"I say you work for eight hours and you sleep for eight hours-be sure they...

Snails, as some other gastropods, have coiled shells, Dpp protein seems to be the clue
Scientists Explain Why Snails Have A Twisted Shell
Molecules called morphogens control the shapes of organisms. One morphogen, Dpp, makes most snail...

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Why is German harder to learn than French?
German should be easier than French, but is it?
"French is prettier than German" Or "It's the language of love". "It's melodic, less harsh". "French...

Forests are the future and must be treated with the respect they deserve.
Wise and focused leaders cannot give away forests!
I saw a young boy driving a huge horse along a narrow path directing it whenever it tried to turn...

Germany is right, Europe needs austerity
Don't Blame Germany
After attending an academic conference in 2011, I and my friend were on vacation in Miami, Florida....

Organ donation: to opt-in or opt-out - that is the question
Organ donation: to opt-in or opt-out
Timothy Potenz asks you whether you think Germans should have to register to become organ donors, or...

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