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Imprinting dad's love

Role of father is important in raising a stress resilient child.

We know that in humans, people who have faced adversity as children show an inclination towards anti-social behavior and other neurological disorders such as bipolar depression, borderline personality disorder amongst others, later in life.

As a result, maternal care in many species, including humans has been shown to influence how an infant views his/her surroundings and grows a personality.

As parents we hope to teach children how to face adversities. However, two recent studies suggest quite an unconventional method of passing on this information in fishes and mice!

The study from the group of Dr. Alison Bell, at the University of Illinois, shows that father's care in three-spined stickleback fish produces...

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DB strikes again
DB train drivers on strike for five days
The Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago, but a new wall of trade unionism creeping up in the railroad...

Statista Chart Beer Consumption and Prices
Beer consumption and prices rise at Oktoberfest
The 181st Oktoberfest is underway with a million visitors flooding the giant tents on the opening...

Power plant in Australia
Looking for a climate change agreement in 2015
The negotiations for a new Climate Change Agreement in 2015 is far advanced after the first...

Bernie Ecclestone in Eur 75m settlement
Ecclestone trial ends
A Munich court has agreed to cancel bribery charges against Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone after...

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Steel exterior, but soft inside
The Science Behind Superman
While Marvel has taken the lead in the superhero film industry, DC is now preparing a major effort...

The Ballet Russes at Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich
The Ballet Russes at Bayerische Staatsoper
The Ballet ensemble of the Bayerische Staatsoper is performing The Ballet Russe. At the latest...

Biking through Europe will be easier
Biking through Europe, the EuroVelo way
One of the sustainable tourism projects which is more interesting and exciting in recent times has...

Electric Bike: Sunstar
Electric bicycles pedal for a sustainable future
 The global market for electric bicycles (e-bicycles) continues to expand with the advent of new...

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Stefan and Martina
Spies, memories and the Wall
East German spies from the infamous "Staatssicherheit", or Stasi in short, kept snooping on Stefan...

Foreign fighters statistics from Statista portal
Increasing foreign fighters at Syria conflict
 Acording to CNN estimations up to 11,000 foreigners have travelled to Syria to take up arms...

Over 300,000 students making their way to Germany
Quarter of a million students descend on Germany
Most of the incoming 300,000 students prefer not to leave the country once they have finished their...

Statista chart shows the results of the poll conducted by Pew Research Center
Ukrainian majority want a single state
According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and published by Statista, the Statistics...

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German business confidence slips, yet again
Drop in German business confidence
German business confidence has dipped again to its lowest level in almost two years, according to...

Electric car sales show strong growth
Germany in the top three for electric vehicle sales in 2013
There are 52,729 electric vehicles on the roads of Europe. The top five nations on electric vehicle...

Eurozone exits recession following an unprecedented 18 months of economic contraction
Eurozone emerges from recession
The eurozone has finally emerged from recession following an unprecedented 18 months of economic...

BMW and Toyota to develop a fuel cell vehicle
BMW and Toyota to develop a fuel cell vehicle
MUNICH (awp international) - BMW and Toyota will jointly develop a fuel cell-powered vehicle by...

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Banking industry culture promotes deception
Banking on lies
The world is still recovering from the devastating effects of the massive economic recession that...

Alzeihmer patient
And now...Alzheimer's in a dish
Alzheimer's is a common form of dementia that is irreversible and slowly but progressively destroys...

We see what we want to see

 We all live in world of information overload. Our visual and auditory senses are constantly...

King of Gamblers, 1937 movie directed by Robert Florey, main character played by Akim Tamiroff
The gray matter of Risk
Do you feel the adrenaline rush kick in when you are sitting at the roulette table in a casino at...

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Why is German harder to learn than French?
German should be easier than French, but is it?
"French is prettier than German" Or "It's the language of love". "It's melodic, less harsh". "French...

Forests are the future and must be treated with the respect they deserve.
Wise and focused leaders cannot give away forests!
I saw a young boy driving a huge horse along a narrow path directing it whenever it tried to turn...

Germany is right, Europe needs austerity
Don't Blame Germany
After attending an academic conference in 2011, I and my friend were on vacation in Miami, Florida....

Organ donation: to opt-in or opt-out - that is the question
Organ donation: to opt-in or opt-out
Timothy Potenz asks you whether you think Germans should have to register to become organ donors, or...

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