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The need for a water revolution

Water, a precious commodity

Everyone needs water in sufficient quantity and portable quality to live a healthy life. The many uses of water, Agricultural, domestic, power generation, quenching thirsty and leisure activities - are related to the economic, social mental and physical health of the world's population. Almost two (2) billion people drink water you wouldn't use to wash your car or clothes. Another 1.4 billion wish they had that water to drink. In many parts of the world, getting enough water to survive is a daily crisis. The magnet of attraction of people to water has no "like" and "unlike" poles- both sides attract each other as water moves on and on to...

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Statista Chart Beer Consumption and Prices
Beer consumption and prices rise at Oktoberfest
The 181st Oktoberfest is underway with a million visitors flooding the giant tents on the opening...

Bernie Ecclestone in Eur 75m settlement
Ecclestone trial ends
A Munich court has agreed to cancel bribery charges against Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone after...

Antoine van Veldhuizen and his family were on flight MH17
Expat fair founder on MH17
Expatica's Antoine van Veldhuizen was sadly on flight MH17 to Malaysia, with his wife and two sons,...

Alzheimer´s disease see new discoveries
Inhibiting memories in Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a brain disorder that involves loss of memory and intellectual...

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AC DC rythmn guitarist Malcom Young
AC DC keeps on, Malcom Young admitted for dementia
Malcom Young who took a break from the hard blues rock band AC DC, earlier this year, due to an...

SweetCafe playing at Munich streets
SweetCafe music on the streets
While you walk along the streets of Munich, maybe you have seen street musicians playing on a...

Yusuf Islam will tour North America
Cat Stevens on the road again
Cat Stevens (actually Yusuf Islam) is back on the road. The singer announced on Monday that he would...

Celebrate Oktoberfest with Karneval Universe
Celebrate Oktoberfest with Karneval Universe
With Munich's traditional beerfest now less than two weeks away, many festival goers will be turning...

Politics »

Foreign fighters statistics from Statista portal
Increasing foreign fighters at Syria conflict
 Acording to CNN estimations up to 11,000 foreigners have travelled to Syria to take up arms...

Statista chart shows the results of the poll conducted by Pew Research Center
Ukrainian majority want a single state
According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and published by Statista, the Statistics...

Finally, a minimum wage for Germany
Germany's first minimum wage - 8.50 Eur
Germany's first ever legislation for a minimum wage has been set by Chancellor Angela Merkel at 8.50...

GOP has a reputation to maintain
Republican Shenanigans, it's Democracy Stupid!
Carl von Clausewitz, a German soldier, once said, "War is politics by other means." But many in the...

Business »

InterNations prepares for 7th birthday party in Munich
InterNations Prepares for 7th Birthday
The 181st Oktoberfest isn't the only anticipated event in Germany this September. InterNations, the...

Eurozone exits recession following an unprecedented 18 months of economic contraction
Eurozone emerges from recession
The eurozone has finally emerged from recession following an unprecedented 18 months of economic...

BMW and Toyota to develop a fuel cell vehicle
BMW and Toyota to develop a fuel cell vehicle
MUNICH (awp international) - BMW and Toyota will jointly develop a fuel cell-powered vehicle by...

Amazon Kindle--- days numbered?
Amazon and the eBook story
Recent kindle releases have shown Amazon's eagerness to battle it out with Apple and Samsung on the...

Science »

We see what we want to see

 We all live in world of information overload. Our visual and auditory senses are constantly...

Brain can be trained to actually prefer healthy foods
Making the brain say, "I love Kale!"
Tempted to order dessert after dinner even though you know you shouldn't? Well, you are certainly...

Sun exposing is better for our health
Here comes the sun, little darling!
Ever heard of the "sick building syndrome"? Yes, you heard it right! What happens in this syndrome...

Can brain scan predict public preferences?
Beware: Brain scans don't lie!
Have you noticed, when you watch a movie, a favorite scene seems to be favorited by everyone around...

Opinions »

Why is German harder to learn than French?
German should be easier than French, but is it?
"French is prettier than German" Or "It's the language of love". "It's melodic, less harsh". "French...

Forests are the future and must be treated with the respect they deserve.
Wise and focused leaders cannot give away forests!
I saw a young boy driving a huge horse along a narrow path directing it whenever it tried to turn...

Germany is right, Europe needs austerity
Don't Blame Germany
After attending an academic conference in 2011, I and my friend were on vacation in Miami, Florida....

Organ donation: to opt-in or opt-out - that is the question
Organ donation: to opt-in or opt-out
Timothy Potenz asks you whether you think Germans should have to register to become organ donors, or...

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