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Amazon employees strike

Verdi calls Amazon workers out on strike

The major online store, Amazon, is on the receiving end of industrial action at two of its distribution centres, in Leipzig and Bad Hersfeld. This is the third time employees at these plants have voted on strike action.  Verdi, the German trade union which organised the strike, wants Amazon to treat its employees as retail rather than logistics workers and comply with standard wage agreements in Germany. Retail companies are supposed to pay workers between EUR11.47 and EUR11.94 an hour, which is at least EUR1 more than the affected German workers earn.

Verdi representative Jörg Lauenroth-Mago said that he expected around 40% of the Leipzig...

Travelling to Cuba, history and beaches

La Havanna, El Malecón, CUBA Photo by Luciana Palacios
Let's start our trip in La Havana, the capital city of Cuba, a city in which time has stood still since the sixties. Wherever you go you can see...

Luxor African Film Festival 2014

Opening Ceremony at LAFF honores Danny Glover and his brazilian wife Eliane Cavalleiro
There is no doubt that organizing an international film festival during the current sociopolitical situation in Egypt is a great challenge security...

It's Halloween 365 days a year with Munich's Horror-Shop

Munich's Horror Shop - terror on tap!
Whether you are looking to throw a traditional Halloween party with pumpkins and ghouls aplenty, or if you want to plan a horrifying, gory celebration...

Lufthansa strike - 3800 flights cancelled

Lufthansa Strike - 3800 Cancellations
Lufthansa pilots have agreed to a strike over pay and working conditions, which has resulted in the cancellation of 3,800 flights.  Starting from...

Republican Shenanigans, it's Democracy Stupid!

Obama's affordable care act
Carl von Clausewitz, a German soldier, once said, "War is politics by other means." But many in the United States (US) today feel that the Republican...

Philomena - Film Review

Martin Sixsmith and Philomena Lee as played by Steve Coogan & Judi Dench on Stephen Frears film Philomena
Judi Dunch is exhilirating to watch as Philomena. And Steve Coogan has taken on more of a serious role, defining him as an all round actor, as he...

García Márquez, master of magical realism and Nobel winner, dies aged 87

Literature Nobel Prize 1982, Gabriel García Marquez, died at 87
Gabriel García Márquez, the Colombian novelist author of "One Hundred Years of Solitude", died on Thursday at his home in Mexico City. He was 87. His...

Nude sunbathing is now compulsory in Munich

Naked ambition knows no bounds
Munich City has officially designated six "Urban Naked Zones" in scenic areas of the city which offer a degree of 'privacy', which is apparently a...

Germany's first minimum wage - 8.50 Eur

Finally, a minimum wage for Germany
Germany's first ever legislation for a minimum wage has been set by Chancellor Angela Merkel at 8.50 euros an hour (£7; $11.75).  The law will come...

Exciting multicultural job opportunity

Exciting and unusual job opportunity for expats
TME Recruitment is publicising a job opportunity which warrants closer inspection by the expatriate crowd here in Munich.  The nature of this job is a...

Cortazar finally reached Heaven

Julio Cortazar novel Rayuela (Hopscotch) made him one of the most well known writers from the Latin American Boom
Would I find La Maga? wondered Oliveira while walking the streets of the Quartier Latin in Paris, coming down the rue de Seine to the Pont des Arts....

Munich, the place to be a man

Munich ranks as the best place in Germany to be a Man!
Munich, the place with everything, according to Gelbe Seiten (a directory listing service).  They have claimed Munich is the best place in Germany to...

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