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Staying fit helps your brain age well

The importance of keeping healthy by increasing our physical activity has been a constant topic of discussion by medical professionals.

They emphasize how the benefit of physical activity can reduce the risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.

The thought of fitting an exercise routine into an already chaotic schedule is not appealing to most.

The benefit however is more than just keeping tabs on your weight gain or health risks.

Keeping fit could slow down the processes of aging that affect your brain and memory abilities. Need more incentive to go for that daily walk?

Let's have a look at what Dr. Hayes from the Memory Disorders Research Center in Boston and VA Boston Healthcare System found in...

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Healthcare tourism in Munich is growing
Healthcare tourism in Munich
Munich is famous for its beer festivals, culture, sporting heritage and countless other things. Yet...

Does Greece need the EU, or is the the other way around?
Grexit: Whose Loss will it be?
As Greece goes to Parliamentary elections on 25th January, I scratch my head to understand the...

Nobody does Fasching like Karneval Universe
Fashion for Fasching
It may come as a surprise to those of you from English-speaking countries, but Carnival is not just...

The world changed with the collapse of a wall
Germany celebrates liberty
Berlin: Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed the courage of East Germans in helping bring down the Berlin...

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Short Story and Digital Art by Mariano Aja
Ilustrated Tale: A signal
 I will stop thinking for a while. I can´t, the music is a disaster and I came with Nataly. Who...

Macy Gray at Muffathalle, Munich
Macy Gray and How Life Is
Macy Gray is quite unconventional, and for those who didn't go further than her one hit wonder "I...

Japanese fashion is a world unto itself
Walk like a Japanese - from Kimono to Harajuku
"I don't want to go to Heaven. I want to be a Harajuku girl". This is what John Galliano would say...

Ana Quiroga, Argentine writer
Literature: The Dead Boy, Short Stories by Ana Quiroga
Published in late 2014 by the publishing house Ediciones Fuera del Rio (Buenos Aires, Argentina),...

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Child mortality is improving in African nations
African Health Sector under stress
Africa has a variety of problems, fortunes and misfortunes but now the most pressing one that needs...

Stefan and Martina
Spies, memories and the Wall
East German spies from the infamous "Staatssicherheit", or Stasi in short, kept snooping on Stefan...
Independence referendums since 1957
"Should Scotland be an independent country?" 4.3 million Scots answered this question yesterday...

Foreign fighters statistics from Statista portal
Increasing foreign fighters at Syria conflict
 Acording to CNN estimations up to 11,000 foreigners have travelled to Syria to take up arms...

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German business confidence slips, yet again
Drop in German business confidence
German business confidence has dipped again to its lowest level in almost two years, according to...

Electric car sales show strong growth
Germany in the top three for electric vehicle sales in 2013
There are 52,729 electric vehicles on the roads of Europe. The top five nations on electric vehicle...

Eurozone exits recession following an unprecedented 18 months of economic contraction
Eurozone emerges from recession
The eurozone has finally emerged from recession following an unprecedented 18 months of economic...

BMW and Toyota to develop a fuel cell vehicle
BMW and Toyota to develop a fuel cell vehicle
MUNICH (awp international) - BMW and Toyota will jointly develop a fuel cell-powered vehicle by...

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The blue halo around the four colliding galaxies is actually the distorted image of the one far behind them.
Galaxy collisions shed new light on dark matter
Dark matter has been mysterious ever since its discovery.According to Dr Holger Israel, a...

Coalition politics- Let's do the math
Einstein said it best, "Politics is for the present but an equation is for eternity".Can eternal...

Editorial: For March/April
Editorial: From the macro to the micro
Science is an offshoot of human curiosity that knows no bounds.

We try and cover stories in Science...

Evolution of surgery: Then and Now
Star-shaped grippers could help doctors operate and take biopsies
Remember the shiver down your back when you went to a museum of medicine and saw the surgical...

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The public-private sector partnership is instrumental in crafting cost-effective policies against climate change in Africa
Crafting cost-effective policies against climate change
The Earth's Climate is changing. There is now one-fifth more carbon in the atmosphere than there was...

Munich, every surfer's wet dream
Germany Surf Paradise?
The title alone is an eyebrow elevator for anyone who hasn't stepped foot in the asparagus epicentre...

Forests are the future and must be treated with the respect they deserve.
Wise and focused leaders cannot give away forests!
I saw a young boy driving a huge horse along a narrow path directing it whenever it tried to turn...

Germany is right, Europe needs austerity
Don't Blame Germany
After attending an academic conference in 2011, I and my friend were on vacation in Miami, Florida....

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